Member variable XbpActiveXControl():visible Foundation

Determines whether the ActiveX control is visible after :create() is called.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.T.)

The instance variable :visible determines whether the ActiveX control is visible immediately after the method :create() is called. By default :visible is .T. (true) and the control is displayed after :create() is executed. This default behavior can be suppressed by specifying the value .F. (false) for the instance variable :visible, which allows the object's construction to be hidden. In this case, the ActiveX control must be explicitly displayed using the :show() method.

The :visible instance variable is retained for compatibility with other Xbase Parts. Whenever a value is assigned to the :visible instance variable of an ActiveX control, additional steps are performed by the ActiveX control container. See the method :setVisible() for further information.


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