Member variable XbpActiveXControl():license Foundation

The instance variable :license contains the license string required for creating licensed ActiveX controls.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: CHARACTER (NIL)

For creating an ActiveX control that requires a license to be passed to the COM server hosting the control, the license string must be assigned to the instance variable :license before method :create() is called to create an XbpActiveXObject. If no license is required for creating instances of the ActiveX control, instance variable should be left at its default value (NIL.)

// Example for using the :CLSID, :license and :server instance variables. 
oCtrl         := XbpActiveXControl():new( oDlg:drawingArea,{10,250},{100,80} ) 
oCtrl:CLSID   := "MyControl.1" 
oCtrl:server  := "\\MyServer" 
oCtrl:license := "adföljwerrrr" 

See AutomationObject:create() for further information on creating COM/ActiveX component.


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