Method XbpActiveXControl():inheritPresParams() Foundation

Inherits presentation parameters defined by control container's parent object

:inheritPresParams() --> lSuccess

The method :inheritPresParams() returns a logical value indicating success of the operation. It returns the value .T. (true) if inheriting the parent object's presentation parameters succeeded. Otherwise, :inheritPresParams() returns .F. (false).


The following table lists the presentation parameters supported by :inheritPresParams(). The presentation parameters inherited by method :inheritPresParams() define the default value for the corresponding ActiveX control property (so-called Ambient Property). The table also lists the methods that can be used to override the defaults inherited from the container's parent object.

Presentation parameters supported by XbpActiveXControl objects
Presentation Parameter Manipulation Method Description
XBP_PP_BGCLR :setColorBG() Container background color
XBP_PP_FGCLR :setColorFG() Container foreground color
XBP_PP_FONT :setFont() Container font
XBP_PP_COMPOUNDNAME :setFontCompoundName() Container font, specified as a font compound name

Not all ActiveX controls support adapting themselves to the property values of their control containers (so-called ambient properties). Please check your control's documentation to find out whether the control supports this feature.

:inheritPresParams() is automatically called during creation of an XbpActiveXControl instance. Normally, Xbase++ applications do not need to call this method directly.


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