Method XbpActiveXControl():setPointer() Foundation

Defines the shape of the mouse pointer displayed by an ActiveX control.

:setPointer( [<cDllName>], <nID>, [<nType>] ) --> lSuccess
This parameter is not used with ActiveX controls. It is supported for compatibility only.
nID <nID>
<nID> is a numeric value identifying the type of mouse pointer to set for the ActiveX control. See below for a list of values supported for this parameter.
This parameter is not used with ActiveX controls. It is supported for compatibility only.

This method returns .T. (true) if the mouse pointer's shape was set as requested. Otherwise, .F. (false) is returned.


The method :setPointer() defines the shape of the mouse pointer when the mouse is moved across an ActiveX control. The shape of the mouse pointer is specified using a numeric identifier in parameter <nID>. This can be one of the mouse pointer contants defined in XBP.CH.

Please note that ActiveX controls use different mouse pointer constants than those normally used with Xbase Parts. However, :setPointer()attempts to map the standard Xbase++ pointer shapes to their ActiveX counterpart whenever possible. If a non-standard mouse pointer is to be displayed by an ActiveX control, :setProperty() may be used together with one of the pointer contants defined in ACTIVEX.CH.

The following table lists the standard Xbase++ mouse pointer shapes, along with their corresponding ActiveX pointer constant. If no mapping exists, the corresponding constant is listed as "undefined".

Pre-defined mouse pointer constants to be used with ActiveX controls.
Constant ActiveX Equivalent Description
(undefined) ccDefault Default pointer defined for the control
(undefined) ccCross Cross-hair pointer
XBPSTATIC_SYSICON_TEXT ccIBeam I-Beam (text) pointer
(undefined) ccIcon Small square within a square
(undefined) ccSize Four-pointed arrow pointing north, south, east and west
XBPSTATIC_SYSICON_NESW ccSizeNESW Double arrow pointing northeast and southwest
XBPSTATIC_SYSICON_NS ccSizeNS Double arrow pointing north and south
XBPSTATIC_SYSICON_SIZENWSE ccSizeNWSE Double arrow pointing northwest and southeast
XBPSTATIC_SYSICON_WE ccSizeEW Double arrow pointing east and west
(undefined) ccUpArrow Arrow pointer upwards
XBPSTATIC_SYSICON_WAIT ccHourglass Hourglass/wait pointer
(undefined) ccNoDrop Drop action not allowed
(undefined) ccArrowHourglass Arrow pointer with small hourglass
(undefined) ccArrowQuestion Arrow pointer with small question mark
XBPSTATIC_SYSICON_MOVE, ccSizeAll Move/size operation, all directions
(undefined) ccCustom Custom pointer specified via :mouseIcon property

Not all ActiveX controls support changing the mouse pointer displayed. If a control does not support changing its pointer, :setPointer()does nothing but return .F. (false).


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