Method XbpActiveXControl():setColorBG() Foundation

Sets or returns the background color.

:setColorBG( [<nColor>] ) --> nOldColor
The #define constants from GRA.CH or XBP.CH must be used for <nColor>. These constants begin with either the prefix GRA_CLR_ or the prefix XBPSYSCLR_. Alternatively, a RGB color value can be used to specify the background color, see function GraMakeRGBColor() for further info.

This method returns the previous background color (current before the method is called). If no new color index is specified, the method simply returns the current color.


The method :setColorBG() sets the background color or returns the current background color set for an ActiveX Control. The default color is specified by the control's parent object.

Using :setColorBG() to set a new background color for an ActiveX control implicitly overrides the corresponding setting of the control container's ambient property (DISPID_AMBIENT_BACKCOLOR). See :inheritPresParams()for further information.

Not all ActiveX controls support changing the background color via the DISPID_BACKCOLOR property. Check the documentation that accompanies your ActiveX control to find out whether it supports the DISPID_BACKCOLOR property.


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