Method XbpActiveXControl():setFont() Foundation

Set a new font.

:setFont( [<oFont>] ) --> oCurrentFont
<oFont> is an object of class XbpFont.

The method returns the current XbpFont object set for displaying text. If a new font is passed in <oFont>, :setFont() returns the XbpFont object that had been set previously.


The method :setFont() changes the font used by an ActiveX control for doing textual output. :setFont() assigns the font object passed in parameter <oFont> to the DISPID_FONT property of the ActiveX control. :setFont() returns the font previously set. If the control does not support changing the font, this method returns NIL.

Using :setFont() to set the font to be used by an ActiveX control implicitly overrides the corresponding setting of the control container's ambient property (DISPID_AMBIENT_FONT). See :inheritPresParams()for further information.

Not all ActiveX controls support changing the font via the DISPID_FONT property. Often, controls expose the properties of the font used for textual output via individual properties, such as :fontSize. Check the documentation that accompanied your ActiveX control to find out whether the control supports the DISPID_FONT property.


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