Method XbpActiveXControl():presParamChanged() Foundation

Synchronize ActiveX control container's presentation parameters

:presParamChanged() --> self

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The method :presParamChanged() is called automatically when a Presentation Parameter such as the background color is changed on the container's parent object. Its purpose is to synchronize the container's Presentation Parameters with those set for the parent object, and to notify the ActiveX control about the change in the ActiveX control container's properties.

This method calls method :inheritPresParams() internally, which re-initializes Presentation Parameters inherited by the container from its parent object. If the value of a Presentation Parameters has not been set explicitly by the application, its value is inherited from the parent object. See method :inheritPresParams() and Generic presentation parametersfor further information.

The method :presParamChanged() is called automatically by the framework. It should not be called directly by applications.

Not all ActiveX controls respect changes in container properties (Presentation Parameters). If the background color is changed on the parent object, for example, it is an implementation detail of the control whether it chooses to redraw itself using the new background color.


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