Method XbpActiveXControl():dblClick() Foundation

Default event handler for ActiveX control event "DblClick" (DISPID_DBLCLICK).

:dblClick() --> self

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The method :dblClick() is called automatically upon reception of a "DblClick" (DISPID_DBLCLICK) COM event. The :dblClick() event handler determines the mouse button pressed and generates an xbeM_LbDblClick, xbeM_RbDblClick or xbeM_DblbClickevent. The event is posted to the current thread's message queue using the function PostAppEvent().

Applications can process mouse events via the standard event protocol defined for Xbase Parts. In order to react to mouse event generated by an ActiveX control, a code block can be assigned to one of the callback slots :lbDblClick, :rbDblClick or :mbDblClick, respectively. Alternatively, an overloaded method :lbDblClick(), :rbDblClick()or :mbDblClick() can be implemented in a derived class.

Not all ActiveX controls generate mouse events. If a control does not generate "DblClick" (DISPID_DBLCLICK) events, the method :dblClick() will not be called.


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