Method XbpActiveXControl():setVisible() Foundation

Assigns a value to the :visible instance variable.

ASSIGN METHOD :setVisible( <xVisible> ) --> NIL
The value to be assigned to the :visible instance variable.

The method always returns NIL.


The method :setVisible() is executed automatically whenever an Xbase++ application assigns a value to an ActiveX control's :visible instance variable.

For normal Xbase Parts, an application normally uses :visible to specify whether the object should displayed automatically when the method :create() is called. :setVisible() implements compatible behaviour for ActiveX controls by assigning a logical value passed in parameter <xVisible> to the control's :visible instance variable.

If the ActiveX control defines a property of the same name, :setVisible()also calls :setProperty() to assign the value passed to the property defined by the ActiveX control.

Since :setVisible() is called automatically by the class framework, applications need not call this method directly.


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