Member variable XbpActiveXControl():controlFlags Foundation

Information about type and capabilities of the ActiveX control

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (0)

After :create() was called, the instance variable :controlFlags contains a numeric value with information about the type and capabilities of ActiveX control created.

The value stored in :controlFlags is a combination of the following contants defined in ACTIVEX.CH.

Constants defined for the valued stored in :controlFlags
Constant Description
OLECTRL_ONLYICONIC Visual representation is an icon
OLECTRL_INSERTNOTREPLACE *) Object replaces current selection
OLECTRL_INSIDEOUT Control is self-contained, eg. without menus
OLECTRL_RENDERINGISDEVICEINDEPENDENT Object can display itself on all devices
OLECTRL_INVISIBLEATRUNTIME No visual representation unless in Design Mode
OLECTRL_ACTSLIKEBUTTON Control behaves like a push button control
OLECTRL_ACTSLIKELABEL Control behaves like a static label control
OLECTRL_NOUIACTIVATE Control cannot be activated
OLECTRL_SIMPLEFRAME *) Control is a container for other controls
OLECTRL_WANTSTOMENUMERGE *) Control can merge its menus with that of the container
OLECTRL_SUPPORTSMULTILEVELUNDO *) Control supports multi-level undo operations
  1. Not currently supported by the ActiveX control container


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