Event XbpActiveXControl():lbDown Foundation

Left mouse button pressed.

:lbDown := {| aPos, uNIL, self | ... }
:lbDown ( <aPos> ) --> self
xbeM_LbDown (1048583)

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The xbeM_LbDown event is generated when the left mouse button is pressed in the ActiveX control. When it is released immediately it is considered a click and the xbeM_LbClick event is generated instead. The mouse coordinates <aPos> correspond to the first message parameter of the function AppEvent().

The xbeM_LbDown event is generated only if the ActiveX control connected to the XbpActiveXControl object reacts to mouse input. See the method :mouseDown()for further information. Also, clicking the left mouse button can generate different events depending on the ActiveX control where the mouse click occurred. Please see the documentation that came with the ActiveX control.


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