Event XbpActiveXControl():keyboard Foundation

Keyboard input received.

:keyBoard := {| nKeyCode, uNIL, self | ... }
:keyBoard ( <nKeyCode> ) --> self
xbeP_Keyboard (1048580)
<nKeyCode> is the numeric key code of the key pressed.

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The xbeP_Keyboard event is generated whenever input is made via the keyboard. The first parameter of the code block or the method contains the event code returned by AppEvent() which corresponds to the key pressed. The method :keyboard() implements default processing for keyboard events sent to ActiveX controls.

The xbeP_Keyboard event is generated only if the ActiveX control connected to the XbpActiveXControl object reacts to keyboard input. Also, :keyboard() cannot be used to "post" keyboard input to an ActiveX control. See the method :keyDown() for further information.


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