Method XbpActiveXControl():setInputFocus() Foundation

Set the input focus on the ActiveX control.

:setInputFocus() --> self

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The method :setInputFocus() is the callback method (event handler) for the xbeP_SetInputFocus event. If the xbeP_SetInputFocus event is retrieved from the application's event queue,:setInputFocus()is called automatically for default processing of the event.

Upon reception of an input focus event, the ActiveX control container uses method :setInputFocus() to activate the ActiveX control and have it render itself in active state.

This method is called automatically during event processing. Normally, there is no need for applications to call it directly.

Not all ActiveX controls can receive the input focus. If a control has the OLECTRL_NOUIACTIVATE flag value is set in the control's :controlFlags instance variable, it cannot be activated.


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