Event XbpActiveXControl():killInputFocus Foundation

ActiveX control is losing input focus.

:killInputFocus := {| uNIL1, uNIL2, self | ... }
:killInputFocus () --> self
xbeP_KillInputFocus (1048629)

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The xbeP_KillInputFocus event is generated when input focus is removed from the ActiveX control (first the input focus is removed, then the event is generated). The first two code block parameters contain NIL and the third contains self. When the code block or method is executed, self has already lost input focus.

The xbeP_KillInputFocus event is generated only if the ActiveX control connected to the XbpActiveXControl object can receive the input focus. Otherwise, the flag value OLECTRL_NOUIACTIVATE is set in the :controlFlags() instance variable.


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