Method XbpActiveXControl():configure() Foundation

Reconfigures the XbpActiveXControl object after :create() has been executed.

:configure( [<oParent>]   , [<oOwner>], ;
            [<aPos>]      , [<aSize>] , ;
            [<aPresParam>], [<lVisible>] ) --> self
The parameter list for :configure() is identical to the parameter list of the methods :create() and :new() (see the :new() method for descriptions of these parameters).

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The method :configure() reconfigures an XbpActiveXControl object without releasing the system resources that have previously been requested using :create().

This method exists primarily for compatibility with other Xbase Parts. Reconfiguration is generally not required with XbpActiveXControls. Instead, all properties of the object can be manipulated dynamically after method :create() is executed.


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