Member variable XbpWindow():visualStyle Foundation

Specifies the visual style to use for displaying the object.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Object (NIL)

The operating system uses a set of pre-defined visual style classes to create the on-screen representation of the various UI elements (windows). The style classes defined in the operating system cannot be changed, but they can be used to create the representation of custom Xbase Part classes. To do this, the desired operating system-defined visual style must be selected using the :styleClass and :stylePart member variables.

However, some Xbase Part classes support overriding the default visual style used by the operating system. To do this, an instance of the XbpHTMLStyle() class must be assigned to the :visualStyle instance variable.

The XbpWindow class does not use a visual style object contained in :visualStyle. Instead, this member variable is introduced for usage in derived classes. See the documentation of the Xbase Part in question to see whether it supports overriding the default visual style.


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