Method XbpWindow():captureMouse() Foundation

Sends all mouse messages to the Xbase Part.

:captureMouse( <lCapture> ) --> lSuccess
The parameter <lCapture> is a logical value. If it is .T. (true), all mouse messages are sent to the Xbase Part executing this method. If .F. (false) is specified, this mode is turned off.

This method returns the value .T. (true) if the Xbase Part could be set to receive all mouse messages, otherwise it returns .F. (false).


The method :captureMouse() specifies the Xbase Part as the sole recipient of all mouse messages. An example of when this might be used is the Xbase++ FormDesigner when an Xbase Part is moved or changed in size. While this mode is turned on, the lower left corner of the Xbase Part is valid as the origin of the coordinate system (the point {0,0}).


As long as one single Xbase Part receives all mouse messages, no other windows on the screen can be accessed with the mouse. This applies to all active applications, even those that are not programmed using Xbase++. This mode must be turned off using :captureMouse(.F.). Otherwise, access to other application is only possible using the keyboard.


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