Member variable XbpWindow():styleClass Foundation

Specifies the visual style class that defines object appearance.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Character (<Style class name>)

The instance variable :styleClass contains a character string with the name of a Visual Style class. A Visual Style class is a specification in the operating system that defines the visual appearance of a GUI element. Changing the Visual Style class of an Xbase Part usually affects the way text, colors or borders appear on the screen.

After an Xbase Part is created, :styleClass contains the name of the Visual Style class which defines the imagery of the Xbase Part. Usually this is the name of a standard class, such as "Button" or "Tab". To change the appearance of an Xbase Part, the name of a different style class can be assigned to :styleClass. If no Visual Style is defined for the object, the :styleClass contains the empty string ("").

Visual Styles are only available on computers running an operating system version of Windows XP or newer. In addition, a manifest must be defined in order for Visual Styles to be available. On older platforms, the :styleClass instance variable has no effect. See the function IsThemeActive() for further information.


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