Member variable XbpWindow():sizeRedraw Foundation

Controls how the object is redrawn during resize operations.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

If the application uses method :setSize() to change the object's size and passes .T. (true) in parameter <lPaint>, certain areas may need to be redrawn. The value contained in the :sizeRedraw instance variable controls how those areas are redrawn after the resize operation. If the value .T. (true) is assigned to :sizeRedraw, the whole display area of the object is redrawn immediately. If the instance variable contains .F., only those parts actually invalidated by the operation are redrawn.

The default setting (.F.) causes redrawing to take place only in affected areas and produces a flicker-free display. The setting in the :sizeRedraw should generally be left at its default value. However, in certain cases the visuals of an Xbase Part need to be adjusted each time its size is changed. If an image is to be displayed in an Xbase Part, for example, the value .T. may have to be assigned to :sizeRedraw. Otherwise, the image may not be updated properly if the Xbase Part is made smaller.


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