Member variable XbpWindow():tabStop Foundation

Allows the Xbase Part to be accessed during navigation with the Tab key.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

By default the instance variable :tabStop contains the value .F. (false) and the Xbase Part is ignored during navigation using the tab key. When the value is .T. (true), focus can be set to the Xbase Part when using the Tab key.

When logical groups are defined in a dialog using :group, :tabStop is usually set to .T. (true) for the first dialog element in the group. This allows the first dialog element of a group to be activated using the Tab key.

If the parent of the object is an instance of the XbpCrt class, Tab key management is performed only if XbpCrt:useShortCuts is set to .T. (true)!


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