Method XbpWindow():setPosAndSize() Foundation

Changes position and size of the Xbase Part.

:setPosAndSize( <aPos>, <aSize> [,<lPaint>] ) --> lSuccess
<aPos> := { nX, nY }
<aPos> is an array containing the new x and y coordinates of the lower left corner for the window.
<aSize> := { nXsize, nYsize }
<aSize> is an array containing the new dimensions of the window in the x and y directions.
The parameter <lPaint> defaults to .T. (true) which causes an xbeP_Paint event being posted to the event queue when the method :setPosAndSize()returns. This way, an Xbase Part is painted automatically when its position changes. The automatic screen update is suppressed by passing .F. (false) for <lPaint>. In this case, a screen update is explicitely achieved by calling the method :invalidateRect().

The method returns the value .T. (true) if position and size of the window is changed, otherwise .F. (false) is returned.


The method :setPosAndSize() changes the position and the size of a Xbase Part. This is much faster than calling the two methods :setPos()and :setSize() and leads to the same result.


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