Member variable XbpWindow():controlState Foundation

Determines the current state of the object.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBP_STATE_NORMAL)

:controlState determines the current state of the Xbase Part. The following states are recognized by the XbpWindow class:

Control states recognized by the XbpWindow class
Constant Description
XBP_STATE_AUTO Transient state, see below
XBP_STATE_NORMAL Normal or default state of the object
XBP_STATE_HOT Object is being pointed at using the mouse
XBP_STATE_PRESSED Object is being selected/clicked upon
XBP_STATE_DISABLED Object is currently disabled

The standard control states listed above are mutually exclusive. In other words, if a push button is being clicked upon, :ControlState contains the value XBP_STATE_PRESSED. Assigning a value to :controlStateactivates the corresponding state until another value is assigned to the instance variable. The special constant XBP_STATE_AUTO instructs the Xbase Part to automatically synchronize the value in :ControlState with the actual state the object is in. XBP_STATE_AUTO can only be assigned to the member variable. The constant is never returned when reading the value of the member variable.

The value in :ControlState is informational and is not used by the XbpWindow class. The instance variable is provided for usage in Xbase Part classes derived from XbpWindow, especially with the owner-drawing protocol supported by class XbpListbox or XbpPushbutton. The effects of changing the value in :ControlState hence depend upon the respective Xbase Part being used.


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