Method XbpWindow():lockPS() Foundation

Requests a presentation space and locks it.

:lockPS() --> oPresSpace

The method returns a presentation space for graphic output within the Xbase Part.


The method :lockPS() requests and locks a special presentation space for graphic output. This is called a "micro presentation space" (MicroPS) and is provided for special graphic output. All Gra..() drawing functions can be used in a MicroPS except that graphic segments (see GraSegOpen()) cannot be defined and the output cannot be stored in a metafile.

A special characteristic of a MicroPS is that it is reused by the operating system. Because of this, it must be locked during graphic output. The MicroPS can then be used for drawing and the appearance of the dialog elements can be changed using Gra..() functions. For example, a bitmap can be displayed within a pushbutton or a checkbox. After the graphic output is complete, the MicroPS must be released using the method :unlockPS() so that it can be reused.


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