Member variable XbpWindow():group Foundation

Groups Xbase Parts for navigation using the Tab key.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBP_NO_GROUP)

The instance variable :group allows Xbase Parts that are created immediately after one another in the dialog definition to be combined into logical groups. This allows the user to navigate within a dialog from group to group by pressing the Tab key. Within a group of dialog elements navigation is performed using the cursor keys.

Only constants defined in the XBP.CH file can be used as values for this instance variable. The following table lists the available constants:

#define constants for :group
Constant Description
XBP_NO_GROUP *) Dialog element does not belong to a group
XBP_BEGIN_GROUP Dialog element is the first in a group (this begins the definition of the group)
XBP_WITHIN_GROUP Dialog element is within a group
XBP_END_GROUP Dialog element is the last in a group (this ends the definition of the group)
  1. Default value


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