Method XbpWindow():isUICueActive() Foundation

Tests whether certain visual cues are active.

:isUICueActive( <nCue> ) --> lActive 
A numeric value that specifies the type of visual cue whose display/active state is to be determined. The method supports the following indicator types defined in the file XBP.CH:
Visual types defined
Constant Description
XBP_UICUE_FOCUS Visual cue indicating input focus (focus rectangle)
XBP_UICUE_SHORTCUT Visual cue indicating a short character (underline)

:isUICueActive() returns a logical value. If the visual cue specified in <nCue> is active, the method returns .T. (true). Otherwise, the value .F. (false) is returned.


:isUICueActive() checks whether display indicators (visual cues) of a certain type are currently being displayed or not. Starting with the Windows 2000 operating system, visual cues are displayed only upon demand. The focus rectangle of an Xbase Part is displayed only when working with the keyboard. Likewise, shortcut characters defined in caption strings are underlined only if needed. The method :isUICueActive() is typically used with owner-drawing to determine how an object's caption must be displayed.


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