Member variable XbpWindow():layoutManager Foundation

Specifies an object which controls child arrangement.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Object (NIL)

The :layoutManager instance variable optionally contains a reference to a class which manages the child arrangement of an Xbase Part. Whenever the Part is resized, the system automatically executes the :resize() method of the layout manager object, which may then adjust the positions and/or dimensions of the childs as needed.

If no custom layout manager is specified by the application, Xbase Parts use the system's default layout manager which is implemented in the LayoutManager() class. This class provides functionality for preserving child window arrangements. The system automatically creates an instance of the LayoutManager class whenever a value is assigned to a child's :layoutAlign instance variable, and :layoutManager of the parent object contains the value NIL. See the LayoutManager() class for further information.

In order to override the standard behavior, the class object of a custom class derived from LayoutManager must be assigned to :layoutManager.


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