Member variable XbpBrowse():rowPhyPos Foundation

Contains the physical position of the browse cursor.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric

The instance variable :rowPhyPos contains a numeric value representing the current position of the browse cursor within the data source. The value in this instance variable is only valid when the browse display is stable.

Unlike :rowPoswhich specifies a logical position within the range of visible rows, :rowPhyPos contains a physical position as returned by the :phyPosBlock code block. The physical position is independent of the data currently visible in the data area of the browse, and hence can specify a row of data which is currently off-screen.

If the :navigationModeis XBPBRW_NAVIGATION_1XCOMPATIBLE, the current cell or row in the browse is always visible. In this mode, :rowPhyPos contains the same same as the :rowPos instance variable.


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