Member variable XbpBrowse():goPhyPosBlock Foundation

Code block which moves the record pointer to a physical position.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Code block

This instance variable contains a code block which moves the record pointer to a physical position within the data source. The code block receives as first parameter a numeric value with the new record pointer position. The second code block parameter contains the XbpBrowse object. When browsing a table,:goPhyPosBlock is typically set to {|n| DbGoto(n)}.

This code block is optional. If code block is assigned to :goPhyPosBlock, it is used to synchronize the record pointer with the row cursor when the browse is stabilized. This ensures that the record pointer is located at the position the user has marked in the browse display. If the row cursor is located in the fifth data row, for example, the record pointer is also moved to the fifth record during stabilization.

If no code block is specified in :goPhyPosBlock, however, the record pointer is not synchronized with the row cursor. Instead, the record pointer is left at whatever record was last accessed during stabilization.


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