Event XbpBrowse():pan Foundation

Scroll the browse window horizontally.

:pan := {| @nPan, uNIL2, self | ... }
:pan ( <nPan> ) --> self
xbeBRW_Pan (1048982)
<nPan> is a numeric value which indicates the direction in which to scroll the browse window. It corresponds to constants defined in XBP.CH, which are listed below:
First message parameter for :pan
Constant Scroll
XBPBRW_Pan_Right One column to the right
XBPBRW_Pan_Left One column to the left
XBPBRW_Pan_FirstCol To the first column
XBPBRW_Pan_LastCol To the last column
XBPBRW_Pan_Track Position according horizontal scroll bar
<nPan> is passed by reference to the code block in the :pan instance variable. Its value is examined by the XbpBrowse object after the code block returns.

The method returns a reference to the XbpBrowse object.


When the xbeBRW_Pan event is created, the browse window must be scrolled horizontally. The first message parameter indicates the scroll direction. Horizontal scrolling does not change the column position of the browse cursor.

Default handling of the xbeBRW_Pan event automatically executes the method :pan() to scroll the display of the browse . The default handling can be overriden by assigning the value NIL to the <nPan> parameter passed to the code block. If NIL is contained in <nPan> after the code block returns, the method :pan() is not automatically executed. This is useful for applications which implement custom scrolling using the :pan code block.


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