Method XbpBrowse():up() Foundation

Moves the browse cursor one row up.

:up( [<nRows>] ) --> self
<nRows> is a numeric value which specifies the number of lines the browse cursor is moved or the visible area is scrolled. This parameter is optional and defaults to 1.

:up() returns a reference to the XbpBrowse object.


:up() moves the browse cursor to the previous data row in the browse window. If the cursor is already in the first data row, the data area of the browse window is scrolled one line down and a new value for the first data row is read from the data source. If the record pointer is already at the beginning of the data source, the browse window remains unchanged and the XbpBrowse object evaluates the code block assigned to the instance variable :hitTopBlock.

The changes applied by the :up() method will not be visible until the browse is stabilized. Use :forceStable() to make the changes become visible immediately.


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