Event XbpBrowse():headerRbDown Foundation

Right button is pressed in the heading of a column

:headerRbDown := {| aMousePos, nColPos, self | ... }
:headerRbDown ( <aMousePos>, <nColPos> ) --> self
xbeBRW_HeaderRbDown (1048979)
<aMousePos> is a two-element array { nX, nY } which indicates the current position of the mouse pointer. Coordinates are relative to the lower left corner of the XbpBrowse object.
<nColPos> is a numeric value. It is the ordinal position of the column whose heading is clicked.

The method returns a reference to the XbpBrowse object.


The xbeBRW_HeaderRbDown event is created when the right mouse button is pressed on the heading of a table column. This makes it possible to display a different context menu for the heading row than for footing or data rows of a browser.


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