Method XbpBrowse():setColumn() Foundation

Replaces a column (XbpColumn object) within an XbpBrowse object.

:setColumn( <nColPos>, <oNewXbpColumn> ) --> oOldXbpColumn
:setColumn( <nColPos>, <bDataLink>, ;
                      [<nWidth>], ;
                      [<cHeading|nHeadID>], ;
                      [<cFooting|nFootID>], ;
                      [<nType>] ) --> oOldXbpColumn
<nColPos> is a numeric value indicating the ordinal position of the XbpColumn object to be replaced.
All other parameters are identical with the parameters of method :addColumn(). See there.

:setColumn() returns a reference to the replaced XbpColumn object.


:setColumn() replaces an XbpColumn object within an XbpBrowse object. The numeric value <nColPos> must be passed. It indicates the position of the column object to be replaced. The second parameter must be a configured XbpColumn object or a data code block. In the latter case the XbpBrowse object creates an XbpColumn object and replaces it with an existing one.

Except foe the first parameter, the parameters of :setColumn() are identical to the ones of :addColumn() and are described there.

When :setColumn() is called the :destroy() method of the replaced XbpColumn object is executed.


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