Member variable XbpBrowse():navigationMode Foundation

Sets the navigation mode.

Attribute: EXPORTED

The mode set using the :navigationMode instance variable controls the way the XbpBrowse object handles navigation within the data source. By default, :navigationMode contains the constant XBPBRW_NAVIGATION_SYSTEM which specifies a navigation mode compatible to that used on the underlying platform.

:navigationMode is a compatibility setting which allows to enable the behavior used in older Xbase++ versions. Most notably, in versions up to Xbase++ 1.9 scrolling the data area of the browse always moved the cell or row cursor. If the vertical scroll bar was used to scroll invisible rows into view, the browse cursor was moved as well so that it always remained visible. This is no longer the case in newer Xbase++ versions. Instead, the browse cursor remains on the current cell or row and can be scrolled outside the visible region.

If the previous behavior is required in an Xbase++ application, this behavior can be reenabled by assigning the constant XBPBRW_NAVIGATION_1XCOMPATIBLE to the :navigationMode instance variable prior to creating the browse object.


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