Method XbpBrowse():getData() Foundation

Retrieves data from the current cell or row of the browser.

:getData() --> aData

:getData() returns an array which contains data corresponding to the browse cursor. If the cursor is configured as a cell cursor (XBPBRW_CURSOR_CELL), the array has only one element. If it is a row cursor (XBPBRW_CURSOR_ROW), the array has as many elements as the browser has columns, and each element contains data of one column.


The browse cursor represents the current value of an XbpBrowse object. Depending on the cursor configuration, this can be a single cell or an entire row of a table. The array returned from :getData()corresponds to cursor configuration. It has either one element with the value displayed in the current cell of the current column, or it contains values of all columns displayed in the current row.


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