Event XbpBrowse():forceStable Foundation

Forces complete stabilization of the display.

:forceStable := {| uNIL1, uNIL2, self | ... } --> lIsStable | NIL
:forceStable () --> self
xbeBRW_ForceStable (1048984)

The method returns a reference to the XbpBrowse object. The return value of the code block is optional. If the logical value .T. (true) is returned, however, no stabilization is performed by the XbpBrowse object.


The xbeBRW_ForceStable event is created by cursor navigation methods, such as :up() or :pageDown(). Default processing for this event causes the browser display to be updated after navigation until the browser is stable.

This standard behaviour can be disabled by returning the value .F. (false) from within the code block in :forceStable. In this case, the method :forceStable() is not automatically executed when the xbeBRW_ForceStable event is processed. This is useful for applications which implement custom stabilization in the code block.


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