Member variable XbpBrowse():goPosBlock Foundation

Code block which moves the record pointer via the vertical scroll bar.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Code block

This instance variable contains a code block which moves the record pointer when the vertical scrollbar of the browser is used for navigation. It receives as first parameter a numeric value in the range of the values returned from :firstPosBlock and :lastPosBlock. This allows for correct scrollbar navigation in indexed and/or filtered databases. The second code block parameter receives the XbpBrowse object.

Code blocks for percentage navigation in databases

oXbpBrowse:firstPosBlock := {| | 0               } 
oXbpBrowse:lastPosBlock  := {| | 100             } 
oXbpBrowse:posBlock      := {| | DbPosition()    } 
oXbpBrowse:goPosBlock    := {|n| DbGoPosition(n) } 

Code blocks for absolute navigation in databases

oXbpBrowse:firstPosBlock := {| | 1               } 
oXbpBrowse:lastPosBlock  := {| | LastRec()       } 
oXbpBrowse:posBlock      := {| | Recno()         } 
oXbpBrowse:goPosBlock    := {|n| DbGoTo(n)       } 


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