Method Html3():SLE() Professional

Create HTML code for a single line entry field.

:SLE( <cTitle>    , ;
      <cName>     , ;
      [<cValue>]  , ;
      [<cOptions>], ;
      [<cType>] ) --> NIL
The character string <cTitle> is displayed on top of the entry field.
The parameter <cName> becomes the value of the nameattribute.
The optional parameter <cValue> becomes the value of the valueattribute.
The optional parameter <cOptions> is a character string that is inserted into the HTML <input> tag.
The optional parameter <cType> becomes the value of the typeattribute.

The return value of the method :SLE() is always NIL.


The method creates the HTML code for a single-line entry field. Use the SIZE= and MAXLENGTH= attributes in <cOptions> to limit the size of the edit buffer and the displayed string when creating a control for editing database fields.

If the character string "file" is passed in parameter <cType>then a button is added to the single line edit field that opens a file dialog. This can be useful to upload the name and the contents of a file to the WAA server. Note that a form must specify the enctype as "multipart/form-data" in order to upload the contents of the file.

HTML output:

   <input type="cType" name="cName" value="[cValue]" [cOptions]> 


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