Method Html3():getFile() Professional

![B:0355] Get the content of a file that was uploaded to the WAA server.

:getFile( <cFilename> | <cVarName> ) --> cFileContents | NIL
<cFilename> is the filename of the file uploaded to the WAA server.
<cVarName> is the name of the file uploaded to the WAA server.

The method returns the contents of the file that was uploaded to the server.


Retrieving a file that was uploaded to the WAA server must be accomplished in two steps: first, retrieve the filename using the method :getVar(), then use this method to retrieve the file's contents.

Note that the encoding of the HTML form must have been specified as "multipart/form-data" in order to transfer the file contents.

Code of the HTML form:

<FORM ACTION="/cgi-bin/waa1gate.exe" METHOD=post 
  <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="WAA_FORM"    VALUE="My_Function"> 
  <INPUT TYPE=file   NAME="File1"       multiple> 
  <INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE="Caption"> 

PRG code to retrieve the file's contents:

xFileNames := oHTML:getVar( "File1" ) 

IF "C" == ValType( xFileNames ) 
   xFileNames := {xFileNames} 

// Successively retrieve the content of each file that 
// was uploaded. Note the "multiple" attribute in the 
// HTML, which allows to select multiple files in the 
// client browser. 
FOR nFileName := 1 TO Len( xFileNames ) 

  cFileName := xFileNames[nFileName] 

  cContents := oHTML:getFile( cFileName ) 

  // Todo: Process the contents of the file 



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