Method Html3():editField() Professional

Create an input control for the remote edit view.

:editField( <cName>      , ;
            <cType>      , ;
            <nLen>       , ;
            <xValue>     , ;
            <lDistance>) --> NIL
The parameter <cName> is the filename.
<cType> is a letter that corresponds with the field type listed in the DbStruct() array.
<nLen> is the field length.
<xValue> is the value stored in a field
If the parameter <lDistance> is .T. (true), the controls are created in separate paragraphs (they are embedded in <p> and </p> tags).

The return value of the method :editField() is always NIL.


The method creates the HTML code for input controls that allow for remote editing of database fields.

The datatype <cType> of a field variable determines the type of the input control. If "C" or "N" is passed for <cType> (character or numeric), a single-line edit control is created. The letter "L" (logical) results in a checkbox, while the letter "M" (memo) produces a multiple-line entry field. Date fields are not supported.


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