Method Html3():prgError() Professional

Error handling for runtime errors on PRG code level.

:prgError( oError, oContext ) --> cHTML
<oError> is the object of the class Error.
<oContext> is the object of the class Context.

The method returns a HTML formated string with details about the Runtime error.


This method is called when a runtime error occurs (PRG code level). The method must return a HTML formatted string containing error information. By default, the file WAA1ERR.HTM is used as HTML template and filled with error information. The HTML code returned by :prgError()is forwarded to the Web browser.

The WAA server passes two parameters to this method: an Error object containing the error information and a COntext object. The latter can be used to send an e-mail to the Web administrator via :sendMail()(see User-defined error messagesfor more information on this topic).


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