Method Html3():putData() Professional

Write a file on the HTTP server machine.

:putData( <cFileContents>, <cHttpFile> ) --> lSuccess
<cFileContents> is the content of the file <cHttpFile>.
<cHttpFile> is the name of the file that shall be written on the HTTP server machine.

The method returns .T. (true) if the file was written successfully, otherwise .F. (false) is returned.


This method writes the character string <cFileContents into the file cHttpFile>.

If an HTML page shall reference files, only the URLs of the corresponding files are included in the HTML code. This requires the files to reside on the computer where the HTTP server is running (they must be visible for the HTTP server). If the WAA server is running on another computer, the files must be transferred from the WAA server machine to the HTTP server machine.

The file cHttpFile must be accessible from the HTTP server. The file name must include a directory which is located in the document root-directory of the HTTP server. This is normally the directory where temporary files are stored. The forward slash "/" is used as delimiter for directories.


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