Method Html3():getAllVars() Professional

Get all name value pairs from an HTML form request.

:getAllVars( [<nInfo>] ) --> aNameValues

The return value is an array of arrays of the following structure:

{ [ {<cName>, {<cValue1>}}, ... ] } 

<cName> is a character string with the name of the form element, <cValue> is an array of character string with the corresponding values.


The method retrieves all name value pairs that have been submitted with the form request. Each element of the result is an array where the first element is the name of the form element and the second element is an array of assigned values. A valid WAA request consists of at least two elements:

{{"WAA_PACKAGE", {"PackageName" }}, ; 
 {"WAA_FORM",    {"FormName"}}} 

If the value to be retrieved is of type file then the second element holds the name of the file. Use the method :getFile() in order to access the file contents. Note that the encoding of the form must have been specified as "multipart/form-data" then.


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