Method Html3():setCookie() Professional

Set a cookie.

:setCookie( <cName>        , ;
            [<cValue>]     , ;
            [<dExpiryDate>], ;
            [<cPath>]      , ;
            [<cDomain>] )  --> cSetCookie
<cName> is the symbolic name of the cookie.
<cValue> is an optional string that represents a value associated with a cookie.
The optional parameter <dExpiryDate> is the date when the cookie expires.
The optional parameter <cPath> is the path of the cookie.
The optional parameter <cDomain> is the domain of the cookie.

The method returns the string that will be sent to the client, or Web browser.


The method adds information to a HTML page required to set a cookie on the client side when the HTML page is returned from the package DLL (Server side) to the client.

A cookie remains on the client side until the expiry date is reached. After that date, the cookie is deleted by a Web browser. Once a cookie is set, it can be voided from the server side by setting the cookie again with an expiry date of yesterday.


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