Method Html3():browseRow() Professional

Create the row of a browse view.

:browseRow( <aData>, [<aLookup>] ) --> NIL
<aData> is an array with the values to be displayed on a row. Only elements of type C, D, L, N and M are supported.
<aLookup> is an array of arrays. The first element of the sub array is the name as character string, the second element is the value as character string. If the browse view is editable then this parameter is mandatory.

The return value of the method :browseRow() is always NIL.


The method creates the HTML code for one data row in the Browse view. In case the browse view is editable, a pushbutton invokes the Edit view for that record when clicked. In the standard package DLL, following array is used for <aLookup>:

{ "RecordID", StrZero(Recno()) } 

If the brwose is editable, the first column in the Browse view displays pushbuttons for each record. Furthermore the second parameter <aLookup>is mendatory as this parameter holds the name value pair for each pushbutton.

The method must be enclosed by calls to the methods :browseHeader() and :browseHeader().

Refer to the file ALASKA1.PRG in the ..\SAMPLES\WAA\ALASKA1 directory for usage examples.


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