Method Html3():ref() Professional

Create HTML code for a hyperlink.

:ref( <cTitle>           , ;
      <cRefURL>|<aVars>  , ;
      [<cTargetFrame>] ) --> NIL
<cTitle> is the hyperlink text.
<cRefURL> is the uniform resource locator (URL) for the hyperlink.
<aVars> is an array. Each element is an array with two values whereby the first element is the name of a hidden HTML input element and the second element is its value.
The optional parameter <cTargetFrame> is the frame name in which the hyperlink is opened.

The return value of the method :ref() is always NIL.


If the parameter <aVars> is used then the corresponding variables are sent to the WAA gateway so that a Web application can be accessed via a hyper-text link without the need to display a submit button.

Example PRG code with parameter aVars:

aVars := { { "WAA_PACKAGE", "YOURDLL"  }, ; 
           { "WAA_FORM"   , "YOURFUNC" }  } 
oHtml:ref( "Link to your package", aVars ) 

HTML output with parameter cRefUrl:

      <a href="cRefURL">cTitle</a> 

      <a href="/cgi-bin/waa1gate.exe?NAME1=VALUE1&NAME2=VALUE2">cTitle</a> 


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