Class Html3() Professional

Class function of the Html3 class.


An HTML3 object is used to retrieve information entered in a Web browser and to send HTML formatted strings from a package DLL back to a Web browser. An HTML3 object is passed as the first parameter to a registered form-function. Example:

FUNCTION _Register( oPackage ) 
   oPackage:registerForm( "UserForm" ) 

FUNCTION UserForm( oHTML3, oContext ) 

Most of the methods of the HTML3 object accept as parameters character strings used to create HTML formatted strings.

Any HTML page can be assembled using three generic methods. The begin and the end of an HTML page is marked by the methods :header() and :footer(). Calling other methods in between :header() and :footer() defines the contents of the HTML page that is returned to the Web browser.

Create a HTML page with a notification.
Redirect a request to a different URL.
Mark the beginning of the HTML page. Web browser.
Add HTML code.
Mark the end of the HTML page.
Html form variables
Get all name value pairs from an HTML form request.
![B:0355] Get the content of a file that was uploaded to the WAA server.
Get the values of a HTML form variable.
Define a hidden variable in the HTML page.
File transfer
Write a file on the HTTP server machine.
Copy a file from the WAA server machine to the HTTP server machine.
Create HTML code for an image.
Html form
Mark the begin of an HTML form.
Create the epilog of an HTML form.
Creat HTML code for a resetbutton.
Create a submit button.
Html Input controls
Create HTML code for a checkbox.
Create HTML code for a radiobutton.
Create HTML code for a hyperlink.
Mark the begin of a selection.
Create HTML code for an option.
Mark the end of a selection.
Create HTML code for a single line entry field.
Create HTML code for a multi-line entry field.
Get the cookies sent from the Web browser.
Set a cookie.
Invalidate all cookies set.
Error Handling
Error handling on uncomplete CGI requests.
Error handling on unavailable packages or form functions.
Error handling for runtime errors on PRG code level.
Browse view
Create the title of a browse view.
Create the row of a browse view.
Mark the end of a browse view.
Remote Edit view
Create the header of a remote edit view.
Create an input control for the remote edit view.
Create informational text.
Mark the end of a remote edit view.

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