Method Html3():selectStart() Professional

Mark the begin of a selection.

:selectStart( <cName>        , ;
              [<lMultiple>]  , ;
              [<cOptions>] ) --> NIL
The parameter <cName> becomes the value of the nameattribute.
If the parameter <lMultiple> is .T. (true) the attribute multible is set in the HTML <select> tag. This parameter defaults to .F. (false).
The optional parameter <cOptions> is a character string that is inserted into the HTML <select> tag.

The return value of the method :selectStart() is always NIL.


The method creates the HTML code to mark the begin of a selection, or combobox, respectively. Only the selected item is transferred in the name/value pair when the form is submitted.

HTML output:

   <select [multiple] name="cName" [cOptions]> 


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