Member variable TBrowse():stable Foundation

Indicates whether the TBrowse object is stable and synchronized with the data source.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical

This instance variable contains a logical value. When it is .T. (true) the TBrowse object is stable. A TBrowse object is considered stable when the header rows, footer rows, and all data that can fit in the browse window has been displayed, the data source is synchronized with the browse cursor, the browse cursor is highlighted (if :autolightis set to .T. (true) ), and there are no pending skips remaining to process. As soon as a TBbrowse object receives a message to move the browse cursor, the instance variable :stable is set to .F. (false). :stable is set to .T. (true) only when the browse is once again made stable by the methods :stabilize() or :forceStable().


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