Member variable TBrowse():rowPos Foundation

Contains the current row position of the browse cursor.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric

This instance variable contains a numeric value indicating the current row position of the cell cursor within the data rows. Data rows are numbered starting with 1 and the rows in the browse window containing column headings, separation lines, and footer rows are ignored. The value in this instance variable is only valid when the TBrowse object is stable. Otherwise the value of :rowPos may not be the current position of the cell cursor.

When :rowPos is explicitly changed, this affects only the position of the cell cursor on the screen after a subsequent stabilization. Synchronization with the underlying data source is not performed automatically. The synchronization must occur by evaluating :skipBlock. Example:

oTBrowse:rowPos += 5            // move cell cursor down 
Eval( oTBrowse:skipBlock, 5 )   // move record pointer 
oTBrowse:forceStable()          // stabilize browse 

This example assumes that there are at least five data rows visible below the row cursor. The instance variable :rowPos can only be assigned values between one and :rowCount.


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