Method TBrowse():delColumn() Foundation

Deletes a column (TBColumn object) from a TBrowse object.

:delColumn( <nColPos> ) --> oTBColumn
<nColPos> is a numeric value indicating which TBColumn object to delete.

:delColumn() returns a reference to the deleted TBColumn object.


:delColumn() removes a TBColumn object from a TBrowse object. A numeric value must be passed, which indicates the column object to delete. Since :delColumn() returns a reference to the deleted object, the object can be stored in a variable or array and used later with :addColumn() or :insColumn() on a valid TBrowse object. After calling :delColumn() the TBrowse object is reconfigured which causes the data source to be re-read and the browse window to be redisplayed during the next stabilization.


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